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For our Children & Families  -We view each child as a unique and capable learner who is an active participant in their learning and decision making. Thus we ensure all children have the opportunity to participate, explore and develop at their own pace regardless of their gender, race, religion, ethnic or social background. We acknowledge that family is the most important and influential aspect in the lives of young children and that working in partnerships with families is central to ensuring continuity and progression in a child’s learning, development and future success. We seek to build a long lasting partnership with families acknowledging and celebrating diverse cultures and beliefs and valuing their input.

For our Curriculum -In Early Childhood Education the curriculum is not the focus, the children are. Our educators adhere to the National Quality Framework and are guided by the elements of the Early Years Learning Framework, recognizing that play is central to children’s lives. We provide learning experiences in a play-based environment that encourage social interactions, experimentations, problem-solving, investigation and discovery, all of which are further enhanced and extended by educators’ intentional teaching, documentation and thoughtful reflection. We also recognise the preschool years are crucial for children to make sense of their world and build social, emotional, communication and self-help skills including foundations of key literacy and numeracy concepts. We aim to develop skills that will assist children in their transition to school, wider community and create a love of learning that they will carry throughout their lives.

For our Educators/Staff -We recognise Educators/Staff as our most precious resource and aim to provide them with a nurturing and safe working environment. Educators are committed to critical reflection and professional development and continuous improvement to ensure a high quality environment is maintained. We appreciate their dedication as an integral element of the success of our Service.


For our Community -We strive to be advocates for quality education and care in the early childhood profession and aim to provide a service that meets the expectations and needs of our diverse community. We believe in connecting with the local community including schools to develop a partnership that will optimise the transition from preschool to school for all children and families.


For our Environment -We focus on building our sustainable practices in collaboration with families and the community to support better environmental outcomes. 


We regularly observe documents and evaluate all practices, to continually update and improve the quality of service and standard of care we provide.

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